Mindfulness: Intolerance is Hidden in Your Language

We have given too much importance to politics. Our normal life is so affected by it that our language, thoughts and communications have become like politicians. This is not the ideal condition for a civilised society. It should never imitate politics. Politics is a part of society, but society is not a part of politics. Though politics may change society.

So, citizens and societies have to take care of their values on their own. We need to ensure that our life remains normal. Extreme closeness to love or hate affects our life adversely. While being in excessive love, we have higher chances of conflicts because we associate our love with our right. Converting love into right is the prime reason of conflicts in home, family, business and society

If conflicts is not handled properly, it is soon converted into hatred. So it is necessary of have a balance in life. Nature teaches us the lesson of balance beautifully.

Once a new seeker told Buddha, “I love you very much, I can’t hear anything against you. Whenever I listen your criticism, my mind gets uneasy and thoughts of violence begin to appear.”

Buddha calmly replied, “You have just come here, observe yourself. You mind is weak now, how could you communicate with others. Being in love with me doesn’t mean that you become intolerant towards others. Love doesn’t mean closing the doors of disagreement. Disagreement has its own place and love has its own.”

He further said, “Don’t confine your love. It’s availability for everyone is a way to bliss. We don’t need to mix them. If someone’s love reaches to a level where it becomes troublesome for others, then it cannot be called love. Actually it is not the simple river of love, it would be flood of love and flood is not helpful for anyone.”

We need to give love to our language as well. Language weakens without love. Anger and decreasing tolerance show that our language is weakening. It is going for the extreme. It needs the company of love. That is how we will be able to stop our mind from drifting towards hatred.