Paul McCartney Shares Throwback Pic with John Lennon on His Birth Anniversary

Co-lead vocalist and bassist for the celebrated English rock band The Beatles, Paul McCartney posted a throwback picture with his friend and the legendary John Lennon on the latter’s 80th birthday.

Sending his good wishes to John, who was killed at the young age of 40, Paul shared their photograph on Instagram. He wrote the caption as though he was speaking directly to John.

Paul said that he loves the picture and it reminds him of the lovely bond the two shared. “Happy 80th John. Love Paul,” the caption said.

The picture, which was posted barely an hour ago, has received over 70k likes on the video and picture sharing platform, with users commenting on it with heart emojis.

Speaking about his relationship with John, Paul had said in an interview with Far Out Magazine, “Most of the time he was very generous, very loving, very easy to work with. But both of us had this sardonic streak that we could bring to each other’s things.”

John and Paul were close friends, their bond cemented while writing songs together for their band. The two met in Liverpool, England in 1957, at a time when both of them were teenagers and John was the founder of a skittle group — The Quarrymen.

John, who was one year elder to Paul, invited him to join the group which later evolved to become the world-famous band The Beatles.

John and Paul wrote 180 songs together. According to the Billboard, the song writing partnership between John and Paul is one of the most successful ones in the history of music. There existed a dichotomy between their writings. The duo still holds the record of having 20 number ones on the Billboard Hot 100.

The association ended when John Lennon decided to leave the band. But Paul made the announcement before John could, making it seem like he was the one who walked out first. In an interview, John had said, “I started the band, I disbanded it. It’s as simple as that.”

This had created a rift between the two, which finally ended in 1974 in Los Angeles when the two started jamming together. This birthday wish is special as Paul is now the only living member of The Beatles.